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29th June 2013 | Concerts, Musings | 0 comments

Listened to Sir Mick Jagger being interviewed about his upcoming Glastonbury appearance by John Humphrys on the Today programme this morning. John asked Mick what had changed about rock music since he started his career. Mick’s reply ranged over things like lyrics, social comment, attitude, clothes, rebellion, ‘bad boy’-ism, and the relative tameness of some of today’s offerings. When he got to the end of his reply I realised that he hadn’t mentioned the music itself.

It should feel as if Sir Mick and I are in the same profession: music. But sometimes it doesn’t.

A young friend of ours, a classical player, has been booked to appear in a backing band at Glastonbury this weekend. She reported with astonishment that she was chauffeur-driven from London to the city where they rehearsed, and wined and dined very nicely. Now she’s to be driven to Glastonbury in order to play in one or two songs, for which she will be paid a sum of money it would take her months to earn through classical concerts. She made the same comment: it’s like a different profession.

PBS NewsHour in the US did an interesting feature on what it’s like for classical musicians trying to get a job: here’s the link.


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