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3rd June 2013 | Daily Life, Musings | 3 comments

In today’s Guardian I have a letter on the subject of political lobbying, which is headline news in the UK at the moment.  The letter was cut before being published, and I felt that part of my specific point had been lost, so in case anyone would like to read the full version, here it is:

“The million-plus of us who marched against the invasion of Iraq in 2003 have been aghast at how the succeeding ten years have brought nothing from UK governments but more of the same stupidity and destruction. But now at last there is a glimmer of understanding about how to get things done. (‘Sleaze returns to damage Tories as MP quits in lobbying scandal’, 1.6.13.) If, instead of marching, we were to contribute a pound per head to a ‘lobbying fund’, we could pay every MP and every Lord £1000 each to support our cause and to prevent reckless intervention in Syria. This is clearly the way forward for democratic policy-making.”


  1. Alison

    But of course! Why has nobody spotted this before?

  2. Stephen

    I’d add to this a holiday for all members of the present government – somewhere far away from the strings of power where they would be unable to inflict so much damage, to Syria, the NHS, the climate, the poor etc etc etc.


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