I am a published photographer!

13th July 2013 | Daily Life | 0 comments

The Guardian weekend magazine has a page, ‘Your Pictures‘, where they ask for photo contributions on a given theme. For today, the theme was ‘produce’. I sent in a photo of our favourite Egyptian geese, whom we’ve been feeding for years on visits to Richmond Park. They have never before had any offspring (at least not to our knowledge) but this June they produced a magnificent flock of nine. And all of a sudden we heard the mother honking for all she was worth to protect The Nine from the predatory crows. Her voice rang out mightily across the lake. After knowing the Egyptian geese as silent creatures for so long, it was startling to hear how loud her voice could be, and touching to see how instinctively and with how much zeal the adult geese had taken to the role of being parents.

Anyway, my photo of Mother Goose honking at the goslings has made it into today’s magazine – here’s the online link to the photo. Now I can proudly say I have had a photo published in The Guardian!


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