Happy birthday, dear website

27th April 2010 | Daily Life, Musings | 4 comments

my cherry treeHappy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear website,
Happy birthday to you!

This blog ‘went live’ one year ago today. To mark the occasion, what better than a photo of the cherry blossom which has just come out in the garden?

The first anniversary seems a good time to take stock.  If you read this blog regularly, do you like the frequency of new posts? I try to write something every couple of days. Do you find it too much, too little, or about right? Is the variety of subjects a good thing, or would you prefer it to be more solidly focused on music? 

Before I sail on into the second year, I’d be happy to hear your views. If you feel like giving me some feedback but don’t want your comment to be visible to everyone else, please send me a private e-mail by clicking the relevant link beside my little photo, top left of this page.


  1. Alison

    Your blog is wonderful. A breath of fresh air. (By the way, have you considered renting out Bob for catering purposes?) Keep it up, gal!

  2. Harold

    Happy Birthday! I always look forward to your beautiful posts. I’m enjoying “Out of Silence” so much!

  3. Gareth

    Happy birthday! As a reader of several months’ standing, I love the mixture of subjects and frequency of posts. The posts on music in particular provide food for thought, with the occasional excursions into the realms of nature, cuisine et al. forming a lovely and refreshing complement.

  4. Imogen

    Happy one year and one day birthday! Don’t change it, it’s perfect as it is.


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