The inspiration of a fine acoustic

1st October 2012 | Concerts, Inspirations | 1 comment

Here are Erich Höbarth and me rehearsing Mozart at the Wigmore Hall yesterday for our concert last night.

Having done all our rehearsals in my small piano room at home, it was thrilling to transfer to the Wigmore stage and to hear the music sail out into the gorgeous acoustics of that lovely hall. I had the hall to myself for an hour before Erich joined me, and I revelled in the sound of the piano. It’s always intriguing to find what new musical ideas can occur to you when you realise that the clarity and warmth of the acoustic will actually make it possible for the audience to hear every little thing you do.

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  1. Marc Butterlin

    I went to your concert last night after hearing about it through your brother-in-law Anthony (with whom I play in an amateur orchestra in west London). I thought it was a wonderful performance, well chosen programme (I didn’t expect to hear some of the pieces for the first time!), and I really enjoyed the interplay between you and Erich and the way you were linking up so well throughout the music. Thank you for a wonderful evening!


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