Mozartfest/Sunday Times review

18th November 2012 | Concerts, Reviews | 0 comments

‘At the Guildhall [during the Bath Mozartfest], pianist Susan Tomes joined forces with the Viennese fiddler Erich Hoebarth for an all-Mozart programme of four sonatas for ‘fortepiano with violin accompaniment’ and one of his most significant fragments, Fantasia in C minor for solo piano … While the sonatas with violin – (K307, 376, 378, 379) – date from the late 1770s or early 1780s, so hardly rank among his supreme masterpieces … it’s always a pleasure to hear Mozart on the threshhold of his astonishing final decade, especially in performances of such urbane grace and witty repartee…

‘To paraphrase Goethe’s description of the string quartet, this was a stimulating conversation between two intelligent people – ideal morning concert fare, in the company of two of the finest chamber musicians around.’

Sunday Times, 18 Nov 2012



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