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5th November 2009 | Daily Life, Musings | 1 comment

in Richmond Park today

in Richmond Park today

Richmond Park this morning offered many examples of a discouraging sight which is fast becoming familiar in the parks round here: of dog-walkers absorbed in conversations on their mobile phones, while their dogs trail meekly behind them.

Are we really still a nation of dog-lovers? One of the cheering sights of the park used to be dog-owners interacting with their dogs, throwing balls for them, kicking up leaves for them to chase and bark at. People with dogs were, we noticed, more likely to say hallo and even enter into conversation with us as we stood beside one another at the lake or wherever, watching the antics of the dogs. Having a dog with them seemed to give people an extra social confidence.

Now they seem wrapped up in conversations with people who aren’t there. Not only do they not speak to passers-by; they don’t speak to their dogs either. ‘Well, what do you think I should do?’ one young woman was saying into her phone as she passed us. ‘I’ve tried dropping hints but it isn’t working. He doesn’t seem to hear anything I say any more….’  Her golden retriever trotted along at her side, his head turned to look hopefully up at her.

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  1. Hip Dysplasia

    Hey Susan, Wow what an eye opener, I know the hustle & bustle of busy day to day activity. Especially living online for a way to make a living. Having to be connected to everyone in the world with one degree of separation to the world.

    I see many walkers and dog owners chatting on the phone, texting and ignoring the current state of peace and presence. Ignoring the affection and joy of their companion(s).

    It is fun to listen to what they are saying I guess however I like my time out with my dogs, alone and quiet. Just me, them and good old all natural, organic surroundings. Hold the noise pollution and privacy invasion.


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