Presto Music Award arrives

2nd February 2022 | Musings | 3 comments

I have got so used to everything being online-only that I was very surprised when an Actual Thing turned up in the post to commemorate the Presto Music Award 2021 for my book The Piano.

It’s a nice little sculpture of the blue Presto Music ‘arrows’ logo. I knew about the award before Christmas, I think, but was extra-pleased – in these ‘virtual’ days – to receive something to put on my mantelpiece.

How can it be February already? January seemed to go by in a single swoop. Now the birds are starting to sing more, the snowdrops are out, and there is a distinct feeling of hopefulness in the air.


  1. Mary Cohen

    How lovely – Congratulations!

  2. Eric Bridgstock

    Wow! Wonderful news.
    I have read a piece each day this year, so #33 tonight. If I could award an award, I would!
    Beautifully crafted, informative and a delight to read.

  3. James Booth

    Congratulations! What a lovely and well deserved accolade.


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