Richard Tauber sings Léhar

16th September 2015 | Concerts, Inspirations | 2 comments

A reader has reproached me for not including the classic Richard Tauber recording in my previous blog post about different versions of Léhar’s aria ‘Dein ist mein ganzes Herz’.

He points out that the composer actually wrote with Tauber’s voice in mind, so mine was obviously a crucial omission. Here is Richard Tauber’s thrilling version from the 1930s.


  1. Lori Dioszeghy

    My mother grew up in Dresden. Her parents owned theaters and night clubs. Tauber was a family friend and would sing in their home. In the late 1930’s my mother, her brother and my grandparents left Germany and moved to New York.
    I am very interested in finding a Tauber biography in English. Any help would be SO apreciated.

    • Susan Tomes

      What a wonderful family memory to have, Lori. I don’t know of any Tauber biographies myself, but a quick Google search shows lots of information about him, in English, on all kinds of websites. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.


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