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2nd September 2010 | Concerts, Inspirations, Musings, Travel | 1 comment

Today’s Glasgow Herald has an article about the Scottish International Piano Competition, which starts next week in Glasgow. I’m  on the competition jury.

The board of the competition have made some wise and welcome changes to the requirements, which we all hope will encourage well-rounded and deep-thinking musicians to apply. The finals are now divided into two parts, one with the usual concerto with orchestra, and one in which the finalists play a major work of chamber music with the Brodsky Quartet in a public concert. They hope it will make everyone realise that accomplished pianists should be able to listen to others as well as to themselves. The winner of the previous competition in 2007, Tom Poster, is already a role model in this respect with his dual commitment to solo and chamber music.  Read the Glasgow Herald article here.

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  1. Rosemary

    Dear Susan,

    I am so glad I found this site as you have been a musician I have admired, and enjoyed on CD and in concert, for many years!
    I had to share an amazing concert experience I had last week listening to a pianist, now almost blind but who plays with such incredible facility, colour and humility. I have heard Christine Croshaw a few times on Radio 3, but heard her last week perform Faure’s fiendishly difficult, but oh so magical, Ballade in Fsharp major.
    Her playing just transported me somewhere better than where my life usually is located haha
    Reading her biog fascinated me as she is now one of the few professional musicians who is using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Progamming – of which she is a Master Practitioner) to help musicians of all levels overcome stage fright/memory issues and the countless anxieties faced by you wonderful musicians in doing what you do so our lives are so very much improved!
    Her website http://www.christinecroshaw.com contains more information on this and also has a sample of her forthcoming CD of piano music by Saint Saens (Meridian records)
    All this from a woman who had to be escorted to the piano as her near blindness demands this and yet when seated plays with the energy and passion of a 30 year old. The learning process must be excrutiating these days as I hear she was a phenominal reader before losing her sight
    I felt that knowing how passionate about chamber you both clearly are, and also humble, I thought you should be aware of her work and life.
    Best regards, RW


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