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21st August 2012 | Books, Reviews | 0 comments

The Japanese music magazine ‘Ongaku no tomo’ (Friends of Music) has published this review of my book ‘Out of Silence’, translated by Noriko Ogawa. The delightful translation of the review is by a friend in Japan:

‘Susan Tomes sets a high values on encounters with audience, landscape, history, nature and so on at her destination.

She is inspired by various things, deepens meditation, entrusts to sound what was obtained by the meditation, and sends to her audience.

This book is fulfilled through her daily fresh discoveries. Although each essay is short,  the essays have deep profundity.

Like her, the translator Noriko Ogawa is also a pianist and a writer. Ogawa translates Tomes’ elegant composition into very beautiful Japanese with deep empathy and affection. It is also a happy meeting of author and translator.

In the essay “Out of Silence” , which is also the title of this book, Susan is inspired by Tanizaki’s “In praise of Shadows” and come to the thought that “silence captures music.” To tell the truth, Tanizaki’s book is my most favorite book.

Whenever you read each essay in Tomes’s book, you become surely aware some clear responses remain in your heart. I was illuminated about many things that I have wondered about music for some time now.

Tomes’ piano-performance itself is also full of love to music. After reading this book, I recommend you to listen to her performance anew. The taste of the performance will surely increase further.

Whenever it is opportune, hers is an excellent book to read over. I did not hesitate but placed this book next to “In praise of Shadows.” ‘

Ongaku no tomo, Japan, Aug 2012



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