A sore finger

9th September 2011 | Concerts, Daily Life | 1 comment

For the last month or so I’ve had a wart on the tip of my left index finger. A wart! I’ve never had one before. I think I had associated them with ghastly mediaeval illustrations, or fairytales in which unpleasant things get inflicted by magic on evil-doers. Anyway, my wart has chosen a location particularly annoying  for someone who plays the piano. (It doesn’t bear thinking about how painful it would be to play a stringed instrument with a wart on the left index fingertip).

Fortunately this has been a quiet period, concert-wise, but nevertheless I’ve had to practise for things coming up. I can play gently and slowly with my left hand, re-fingering as I go, but I can’t put any pressure on the sore finger, at least not without yelping and snatching my hand away from the keyboard in fright. I now have some medication for it, so with luck it will be better by the time I next have to play in public. But honestly! What a stupid little problem for a pianist.

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  1. Susannah

    Dear Susan,
    I hope your finger recovers very soon. It is surely a major (rather than a stupid little) problem for any pianist (and many other musicians come to that) if they have a wart – or other medical condition with the same effect – on their finger.

    Good luck.



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