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10th December 2018 | Musings | 0 comments

My first American review of Speaking the Piano has just appeared in American Music Teacher (December 2018/Jan 2019). It’s a relief to me to have the approval of professional teachers, for as I explain in the book my own experience of teaching has evolved slowly and organically out of my activities as a performer. I haven’t been trained as a teacher, though in all honesty I feel I have received and witnessed so much good teaching over so many years that it functioned as a kind of training course in itself. I could even say that I’ve witnessed plenty of not-so-good, or at any rate non-recommendable styles of teaching which have taught me a lot as well!

Excerpt from Pamela Mullins’ review in American Music Teacher:

‘Speaking the Piano is the perfect book to read in preparation for another year of music lessons. Susan Tomes is an inspirational and transparent author who writes clearly and beautifully about her passions for music, education and lifelong learning. … Reading this book will be a catalyst for the generational transfer.’


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