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11th January 2012 | Florestan Trio, Reviews | 3 comments

Florestan Trio at Wigmore HallHere are a couple of reviews of  the Florestan Trio’s Beethoven trio concerts in the Wigmore Hall this week. The series came to a memorable close on 13 January with a standing ovation from the Wigmore audience.

The Independent five-star review of the first concert

The Guardian review of the first concert

The Guardian five-star review of the second concert

I was hoping to post reviews of the third and final concert on 13 January, but to my surprise there don’t seem to have been any. If you know of any reviews, please drop me a line to susan@susantomes.com


  1. Paul Austen

    Wonderful reviews, Susan, but I’m not surprised honestly!! I concur with the hope expressed by the writer of the Independent one that there will be a new chamber group with you at the helm! It was exactly as the reviews said – your authority at the piano – that made me sit up several years ago and tell my wife I had heard this wonderful pianist playing the Brahms piano quartets with Domus!! I’m so looking forward to your two remaining Mozart performances at Perth!!


  2. James

    I wonder, well these performances be broadcast so that international fans can have chance to say good bye?

    • Susan Tomes

      The performances were not recorded, James – in any case, I don’t imagine that recordings could capture the special atmosphere of the live concerts.


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