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10th January 2016 | Books, Inspirations | 1 comment

Over the Christmas holidays I’ve been talking with friends and family about the topic of my next book. I’ve got some ideas of my own, but one night someone suggested to me that I could ‘crowd-source’ ideas from people who read my blog. If ‘crowd-source’ seems a little hyperbolic, let’s say ‘group-source’.

What would people like to read about? What topics do they wish I would address in my next book? What areas do they feel I haven’t covered yet, or haven’t explored in enough depth? Do they long for me to write about something other than music? I try to imagine people going up to the ‘new titles’ table in a bookshop, picking up my book and saying, ‘Oh good! I see that Susan Tomes has written a book on …..[fill in missing words].’

So if you have suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them. You don’t have to post a public comment on this website. You can email me privately at

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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  1. Fran Wilson

    I have enjoyed all of your books, Susan, and am delighted to hear you are planning another one. For me as a pianist and teacher, I think what I have always found most interesting in your writing is your thoughts on the mechanics and artistry of being a music, specifically a pianist (which I believe has its own special pleasures and difficulties. Based on my own experience via my blog etc, I find many people are fascinated by how we do it, what drives us to do it, what makes us tick. To those outside the profession, musicians seem an odd breed – all that times spent alone with only that big box of wood and wires and (mostly) dead composers for company….. I’d also love to read more on specific works and composers…. Hope this helps!


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