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10th August 2021 | Books, Reviews | 0 comments

My book The Piano – a History in 100 Pieces has just been reviewed by ArtMuseLondon.

Some excerpts:

‘…This book is not simply a chronology of the piano, not by any means; but rather a detailed exploration of some of the greatest music composed for the instrument as well as lesser-known gems, written from the authoritative standpoint of someone who knows both instrument and repertoire intimately.

‘Susan Tomes writes with a lucid eloquence founded on knowledge, experience and, above all, an enthusiasm and affection for the piano, which shine through every paragraph. She not only offers the reader important analysis, historical context and performance notes, but also demonstrates a deep understanding of what it feels like to play the music, the sensation of the notes “under the hands”, how it sparks the imagination and provokes emotions, and the experience of learning and shaping it to bring it to life in concert – fascinating insights for both players and listeners.

‘…The range of pieces covered in the book reflect the vast breadth of the piano’s repertoire, and Tomes is the perfect guide through this almost overwhelming embarrassment of musical riches. Thus, the book acts as both a historical survey and a primer for those seeking more detailed information about specific works, with guidance on performance practice drawn from Tomes’s own experience as a soloist, chamber musician and teacher.

‘…This comprehensive, informative and highly readable celebration of the piano and its literature is a must for pianophiles and music lovers, and for those who play, a book to keep close by the instrument to refer to, dip into, and cherish.’

‘The Piano: A History in 100 Pieces’ – a must-read for pianophiles & music lovers


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