Two years on

29th April 2011 | Daily Life, Musings | 6 comments

On the day the world is glued to the Royal Wedding in London, it seems slightly beside the point to mention that this is the second anniversary of my blog ‘going live’, but then, why not? I’m quite pleased about it. I wasn’t sure I’d manage to keep the blog going for more than a few months, but here it is two whole years later. At first I tried to write something almost every day, but eventually realised that less was more, or at any rate that more was not necessarily welcome. The number of readers went skittishly up and down with no obvious link to what I was writing about, or when I had last posted anything. If I went silent for a fortnight, readers still surged or vanished unpredictably, controlled by forces more complex than I could hope to influence. Clearly it was not a simple matter of people noticing that there was something new to read. So now I just write when I feel like it, and perhaps that is why it’s still going. Anyway, Happy Royal Wedding, and happy 2nd birthday, dear blog!


  1. Mary

    Happy Blog-Birthday! The slightly random frequency of your blog appearing in my emails is part of the fun, but mostly I enjoy being taken aside for a moment and shown something, whether ordinary or extraordinary,in your inimitable voice.

  2. Paul Austen

    Here here, Mary!! My life has been the richer for your blog, Susan, whether it has perceptive insights into things musical or just an observation on life and human nature! Congratulations on its secnd birthday and long may it continue to delight my email in-box!! :o))

  3. Susan

    Thank you both so much for these kind remarks. Much appreciated!

  4. Jim Armstrong

    Like yourself I thought the Royal Wedding was wonderful,especially as I had just got HD.

    Your blog comments made me look at your Cd of Billy Mayerl which I have had for many years and recently bought another copy from ArkivMusic for a pianist friend of mine (my GP).

    I remembered the CD had Sweet William on it. If only you had recorded Kiss me Kate as well it would have been a superb wedding celebration

  5. Susan Tomes

    What a nice idea, Jim! Although I don’t think ‘Kiss me Kate’ had anything to do with Billy Mayerl. Wish I’d thought of using ‘Sweet William’ to illustrate my blog on the day of the Royal Wedding – brilliant.

  6. peter

    Thanks, Susan. I greatly appreciate your occasional thoughts in my life!


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