Signing books at Waterstones

5th April 2024 | Books, Reviews | 2 comments

Yesterday I signed a few books at the big Waterstones in Princes Street. For anyone outside the UK, Waterstones is a popular bookstore with branches nationwide and (in this case) a popular coffee shop on the top floor, with great views of Edinburgh Castle.

Several copies of my book were displayed on one of the ‘New in Hardback’ tables which you see as soon as you come in the door. For a writer of non-fiction, and on a ‘specialised’ subject such as classical music, it is a thrill to see one’s book included in the main display which greets shoppers as they walk in. I am more used to hunting down the music section, looking for my books there, and not always finding them.

Edinburgh has several great bookshops, some ‘chains’ and quite a few delightful independent bookstores. As an avid reader myself, I’m always popping in and I always look at what’s on the tables at the front. It’s not often (I regret to say) that those books are about classical music. So it was a pleasure to see Women and the Piano on one of those displays yesterday. More please!

The book has now had seven reviews, I think – you can read them here.


  1. Mary Cohen

    Good to hear that it’s physically so accessible in Waterstones!

  2. Piotr

    I missed you – again! I was in Edinburgh the day after…and in some of the bookstores. One day…

    Actually I think it’s a huge achievement getting your book on the front table. Well done!


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